Robin Thomson

Robin Thomson

Robin has been a musician since he first picked up a nylon string guitar at fifteen to learn Led Zeppelin riffs 

In 1977, he decide to get serious about music and learn to read. Although an obvious choice, yet not his original intention, he ended up studying the classical guitar privately to achieve this end.

In 1980, he successfully auditioned to study classical guitar with the bass viol as a second study at the West Australian Conservatorium of Music within the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts. After five years of study he successfully gained a Diploma of Music Teaching.

This resulted in the commencement of a private teaching pathway in Perth initially before moving to the South Coast of Western Australia during which time he had many opportunities to perform both as a soloist and in a variety of ensemble combinations. In the late 1990’s, he also started to consistently compose.

In 2009, Robin cut off his carefully manicured right hand fingernails eschewing the guitar in favour of mastering the piano. The piano has provided Robin with a wonderful tool to assist in elevating his compositional activities.

Robin’s mainly composes works for piano that provide a useful vehicle for improvisation, his other primary musical interest and also composes for guitar, other instruments/combinations.

Robin also produces music digitally, releasing ‘Sunyata’ and ‘Allemande’ in December 2017, ‘A Crash Course in Classical’ and ‘A Second Crash Course in Classical’ in 2018.